1. Requirement to register:
    • All individuals who attend the National RAP Conference 2024 (Conference) and Indigenous Governance Awards (IGAs) 2024 are required to officially register via the online registration system.
    • When registering to attend the Conference and/or IGAs, the individual accepts all terms and conditions as outlined below.

  2. Payment of registration fee:
    • All registration fees are payable in advance of the Conference/IGAs. Entry to the Conference and/or Indigenous Governance Awards will be denied if the registration fee (or a portion thereof) is unpaid prior to commencement of the event.
    • Credit cards via our secure online registration system is the preferred method of payment. Any merchant fee is included in ticket price.
    • In limited circumstances a tax invoice can be requested to allow a registration fee to be paid via EFT.

  3. Sharing of registration:
    • Sharing of registrations is not permitted. One registration may not be utilised by several individuals.

  4. Cancellations, refunds and change of format:
    • 4.1. Postponement of face-to-face event
      • If the face-to-face event is postponed by Reconciliation Australia due to unforeseen circumstances, attendees will be notified immediately and offered assignment of equivalent registration for the new date.
      • If the new date is unsuitable, the registration will be refunded in full, less 10% administration fee
    • 4.2. Cancellation due to change of mind:
      • Refund requests must be received in writing to conference@reconciliation.org.au and eligibility for a refund will be based on the following criteria:
      • Cancellations made more than twenty-one (21) days prior to the event date will be refunded less 10% of the registration fee to cover administration costs.
      • No registration refunds will be made after this date; however, you may nominate a replacement attendee at no charge.
      • Should your tickets be purchased within the 21-day period before the event, no cancellations will be accommodated.
      • There are no refunds whatsoever in the event an individual registers but fails to attend the Conference and/or IGAs.

  5. Program changes
    • Reconciliation Australia reserves the right to make changes to the program, including presenters and sessions where necessary.
    • In the unlikely event that a presenter withdraws or cannot travel, Reconciliation Australia reserves the right to make the appropriate decision in the best interest of the event. This may include changes to the program and cancelling sessions.

  6. Photography and video release
    • By registering for the National RAP Conference 2024 and/or Indigenous Governance Awards 2024 Gala Dinner, you give Reconciliation Australia permission to release your image/s and/or footage from the Conference/IGAs to positively promote and raise awareness of reconciliation and/or Reconciliation Australia.
      • Reconciliation Australia may use the images and/or footage in the following ways:
        • In the media to illustrate reconciliation and Reconciliation Australia
        • On Reconciliation Australia’s website
        • In Reconciliation Australia publications and in communication resources including social media to promote reconciliation and/or Reconciliation Australia
        • In Reconciliation Australia fundraising material
        • Provide to trusted non-commercial partners of Reconciliation Australia to promote reconciliation
        • Making available to selected partners on a commercial basis for the purposes of training and promoting awareness of reconciliation and/or
          Reconciliation Australia.
        • You understand copyright of the images and/or footage belongs to Reconciliation Australia, and that they will use these images and/or footage responsibly.
        • If you do not consent to your image being used, please advise in writing to conference@reconciliation.org.au.

  7. Loss and injury
    • All Conference and/or IGA attendees are advised to affect their own insurance to cover all risks including (but not limited to) costs of travel, accommodation, conference fees, personal property, health and medical expenses, injury, death and all other risks.
    • Reconciliation Australia and associated conference organisers will not be held liable for any claims under any circumstances.